The Grinning Gecko Shop  is open as follows

Monday - Closed

Tuesday 1030 to 1730

Wednesday 1030 to 1400

Thursday 1030 to 1730

Friday 1030 to 1730

Saturday 1030 to 1730

Sunday 11 to 4

Closed Christmas Day and New Years Day


VivExotic and ExoTerra Enclosures

Lighting, Heating, Environmental Control, Monitoring, and all Reptile Related Equipment and Accessories.

Wide Range of Decor, Hides, Dishes, Artificial and Live Foliage

Substrates and Bio Active Products

Top Quality Live and Frozen Food

Specialist Reptile Nutritional Products including Pangea and Repashy

Gift Ware

If we do not have the product you require in stock we can normally obtain it within 24 hours.


A Fantastic Selection of Top Quality Live Stock