Our Commitment to You

Grinning Gecko is proud to have gained a reputation for producing and selling animals of superb quality whilst adhering to the highest standards of animal care and husbandry. We are equally as proud of the reputation we have earned for outstanding support and service to our customer friends.
At Grinning Gecko we strive to be more than an outlet selling animals and equipment. Our key priorities will always be the highest possible standard of animal welfare and a fantastic level of customer service and support. 
We aim to provide you with a robust healthy animal of outstanding quality. However we want to offer more than a sales service. 
We are committed to offering as much help and support as (and if) required to help you become a successful and caring keeper of an animal in receipt of the highest standards of care.

We aim to provide our customer friends with polite, helpful and excellence of service from the very first contact. We will help you select an animal that meets your requirements. We are happy to supply you with the enclosure and equipment required for your new pet and will always try to provide these at the best possible price and value.
Naturally livestock purchased from us is covered by the standard 72 hours guaranteeHowever at Grinning Gecko our commitment to you does not end following this short statutory period of guarantee. 
We pledge our support to you for the life of the animal you purchase. We will, as required, offer help and guidance to enable you to give your animal the best possible care with an aim of preventing health and well being problems. Obviously the more experienced keepers are unlikely to need this level of service but those new to the reptile keeping hobby have found the level of support we offer very reassuring.  
We are more than happy to give advice regarding more commonly encountered problems and can help you find a suitably reptile experienced vet for more complex health problems. 
The early stages of reptile ownership can be an anxious time for the new owner. We will help you and support you during these times. We strongly believe that if we can help new keepers to get the husbandry right for their animals from day one, it will minimise the likelihood of health problems in the future.

For customers who have purchased animals from us and have no other reptiles in their collection, we offer, subject to available enclosure space,'minimal cost' boarding for holidays and emergencies. Obviously terms and conditions apply and pre booking is essential.Many new keepers, once they are comfortable with their first reptile look towards acquiring more reptiles. We will be more than happy to help you expand your collection with more animals of your current species or with the introduction of new species into your collection.  Again, if we do not have the animal you are looking for we can often put you in touch with caring and ethical breeders who have. 

Many keepers will at some point look towards breeding from their pet reptiles. It is understandable that many keepers wish to share the thrill and excitement of incubating an egg and watching a perfect hatchling emerge. Words cannot explain the joy and satisfaction of successfully raising a healthy hatchling. It is a first-hand experience of the real magic of ' Mother Nature'. 

We will gladly share our experience of breeding reptiles and help you start your own breeding project. However we will also endeavor to ensure you are aware of the ethical and welfare considerations of reptile breeding, the pros and cons, the negatives and risks. It is essential that anyone planning on breeding reptiles is aware of all the facts and implications of this element of the hobby.   

At Grinning Gecko  we will do all we can to help you acquire the best possible animal and give you as much help and support as you require to ensure your new pet thrives. We do not view people who buy animals from us as customers but as friends who share our passion for the wonderful world of reptiles. Grinning Gecko is committed to promoting responsible and caring reptile ownership. It is also committed to raising awareness and understanding of reptiles in general.

We are happy to accommodate small groups for informal 'open evenings' in store. We have hosted visits from schools, nurseries, guides and brownies etc. If you would like to arrange a group visit please give the shop a ring. 

At Grinning Gecko, we recognise that the young reptile keepers of today represent the future of the reptile keeping hobby. We wish to play our part in helping the younger generation develop their knowledge and experience caring for reptiles. Furthermore, seeing these youngsters as the future guardians of reptiles in the wild we strive to stimulate their interest in the diverse range of reptile species.

One way we are trying to achieve this is through the creation of the Young Reptile Keepers Club. Please visit the YRKC section of the Grinning Gecko website for more information.

In retail it is often said that the customer comes first. We value our customer friends and aim to provide you with excellence in regards to customer service. However we hope you will not be offended when we say that at Grinning Gecko 'the animals' come first . Without them there would be no Grinning Gecko.

Thank you for reading.

Best wishes

Mal and the Grinning Gecko Gang


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